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old joys

After N was born and for quite a long while after that we did not think of having another child. So I am not sure why I hung on to these but I am kind of glad I did. N is almost 8 now and these are from a long time ago….




Baby M has been wearing them almost everyday and I cannot say how happy it makes me to see him in N’s itty bitty clothes. I did not of course make the little shirts. We bought them really cheaply at an old shop famous for these in Tulsi baug, Pune.

I got the embroidery designs from here and here, and I don’t think each took more than a an hour or so.


It’s hard to get a photo of M sitting still these days.




He loves looking at himself in the mirror these days and can spend at least a few good minutes noticing the “badak (duck)” (a swan actually but never mind!) and the “phool (flower).” I can tell he is mesmerised by them.

We are headed to Pune for summer vacation in another few weeks, and I would like to optimistically hope that I make a few more of these. But for now, they are such a joy!




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It is hard to write about an embroidered project, isn’t it, especially if it is something that one has begun really long time ago?

At least that seems to be the case with me. I began this early last year sometime.


I finished it early this year, and then waited a bit to figure out what I wanted to do with it. A cushion cover perhaps? But then finally I ended up framing it, as the pattern suggested. It is after all a simple and sweet little sampler.


The second one was a harder choice, and the one that I have been working on for even longer. I think I have no memory of when I even started!


Alicia Paulson’s book Embroidery Companion, which is the source for both these designs suggested dishtowels for everyday of the week, a lovely idea. But I wasn’t sure if that was what I wanted. So I started by embroidering them on small patches of cloth in shades of white. In the end it came together quite nicely as this little patchwork wall hanging.



I cannot say enough about how much I love love love this book. I have tried many things from it, and each time I find her instructions very clear and the design charming.

My final piece also comes from a free design that she offers on her website. (Oh, and if you haven’t visited her blog yet, you should do that it right about now.) This one is actually on a dish towel, as suggested 🙂


Ok. I think that is enough embroidered projects for the day. No?

As I have said before so many times I enjoy  hand sewing and particularly embroidery. It is almost as if I can’t get enough of it. It’s one of those things: doing hand sewing is incredibly relaxing and it makes me feel why don’t I do more?

Oh well. For now, these things are hanging on our walls and being used in our kitchen and looking at them is making me happy 🙂


Do you have a hobby or a craft about which you feel this way too?






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Hello friends!

bib 5

I know I disappeared again without a word, but the last two weeks have been hectic! Well, first was the super short summer vacation to Pune, which I know I had mentioned nothing about but which was ten days of the last fifteen that I have been gone. M and N had a slightly longer vacation because they took the train (which takes about 25hours) and I flew, but more on that later…And then we got back to a very HOT Delhi, and are coping with ridiculously high temperatures and power cuts.

Seriously it is impossible to get much done, but let me not complain. Because there is long pending news….

Which is that I am pregnant and we are expecting our second child by early August! I have really no good reason why I have not be able to write this here before. Because I have tried and wanted to many times, but somehow everytime I tried, I didn’t know how tell….We don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl (because in India it is not possible to know before hand legally), but M and I are both curious this time…far more than when I was before N was born (and when I could have found out!).

But of course, N is sure it is a boy because that is what she wants most of the times! She is very excited, most of the time I should say. Because well, you know for an almost six year old who is now relatively well ensconced in her single existence with her parents this can mean a lot of new experiences…. not all of them so happy. So when she suggested that I make something for the baby (as I made things for her), I got started in Pune. I did a little bit of embroidery not sure in the beginning where it would go…but by the end I knew that a bib out of this would be perfect.

bib 4

It’s the first thing for the yet to be born baby. And perhaps because I was not even sewing when I was pregnant the first time around, it feels a little strange to be making things for this yet-to-be-born child. bib 3

But so, yes, THAT is the news. And a small reason why I took the flight and not the train. And also why we are all in Delhi in this weather, because after a point it’ll be hard to do much travelling.

The pattern comes from this lovely book, and the embroidery from here. I love both these books; the Embroidery Companion has many many beautiful projects and while they had a bib pattern to go with this pattern, I though I big bib would be nicer. bib 1

As you can see, I did underestimate the amount of fabric it would need and so it needed a bit additional fabric. bib 2

Here is N modelling it on her favourite teddy.

So that’s all from me today. What have you been up to? I am trying to do a bit of sewing but this increasing girth and the heat make it difficult. Still, someone’s birthday is not too far away, so we need a dress very very soon.

Thanks for visiting!

Asmita xox

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It’s always nice to have a few spots to loll around on or sit if needed. We had a couple of floor cushions that needed covering, and so I finished these a few days ago.

floor cushion 1

floor cushion 3They are sized at 24″ X 24.” The back is simple envelope type with buttons to hold the edges together. I used upholstery fabric remainders mixing some Indian fabric with Echino leftovers. Best part? They’ll stand a good deal of washing and playing….

floor cushion 4floor cusion 2


And as summer comes we’ll find these to be more useful when gradually one shifts from from chairs onto cushions and finally to the floor!

On a totally different note….I started a cross stitch sampler and here is a little peek at it. The pattern comes from one of my all time favourite books. It’s slow going and will probably take the entire summer (which here will last until October!!) but I am enjoying the slow pace of it.

So what’s your favourite form of sewing when the weather gets too hot to sit at the sewing machine?

posie sampler 2






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a little something

I am not much into festivals. Usually when festival season starts rolling (this is pretty much the entire year in India, depending on how seriously one takes up the lunar calendar), I try out of some guilt, do a bare minimum to give N some sense of what’s going on. Thankfully, her school is very much into such things and everything is celebrated with great gusto.

Valentine’s Day actually I like (although does one call it a festival or a celebration?) Not the flowers so much, but perhaps baking a cake and making some hand made things that N can give or that we can make together. This year, I am afraid I have been a bit lazy on this front…but I started this a while ago, and I think it’ll be good to finish it by tomorrow or so.


It’s quite sweet I think; the idea comes from here. And I think a cushion cover might just be nice and a good way to get back into sewing, which I have abandoned for a while now.

And here is a little creation of N.


Not Valentine day-ish particularly unless you can “see” the hearts in those folds. But she has been labouring over it for the past two days, and asked me earlier if I would stick a picture of it on the blog.


So. Hello. It has been a while hasn’t it? I feel like I have woken up from deep slumber, and am just about getting ready to take up some sewing and such. Much to tell, and lots to share, so I hope you visit again soon.


P.S. Thank you for the most fantastic and encouraging comments on the secret squirrel outfit. I enjoyed every bit of all the comments, and can’t wait to see the next one 🙂

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final project


For anyone thinking that taking a three day trip when moving is two days away is a crazy idea, let me affirm and say yes to that. Nonetheless, it is also a good idea, because it means a) what could be be done in five days gets squished into two days and b) three days go in relative peace, and the two days (after you return) in utter panic, so there is very little time to do much thinking about the “actual move” as such.

Hampi is truly a lovely lovely place. We did very little, and the highlight was a ride in the coracle in the Tungabhadra river, a kind of a circular boat made of bamboo and rowed with one paddle.

Anyway, we got back yesterday morning, and now I slightly panicked before the movers come tomorrow. But before I go and sign off for the year, here is the final project that I finished last week.

flower photo

This one goes to V again, and I want to say a really big thank you to V’s mom for pushing me do this. She probably does not realise how hard I tried to convince her that I should not do this–how I could not come up with a good enough idea for decorating a bedsheet for V.

The basic idea was pretty simple–A (V’s mom) handed me a bedsheet a few months ago and told me that I could do whatever I like with it. Because its something that one sleeps on rather than something that is used to cover, I knew that I wanted to do something simple–something that would not get caught in anything (like earrings), and still remain basically a comfortable bedsheet that V could sleep on.

After trying out a a variety of things, finally this is what worked out: lots of flowers, lots of colours and simple running stitch.

entire bedsheet(Apologies for the photo taken in terrible lighting)blue flower

I hope V likes it. And thanks a ton to her for her patience.

Ok, must go. A happy new year to to everyone!


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I have been wanting to write about the current happenings in our life for the last few days. And also tell you what I have been making. But first N had a cold and then me and other things such as colouring, baking and and occasional crankiness took precedence. Better this week though, and it’s already December which means that in less than three weeks me move!

With M already in Delhi, and N and I pretty much left to ourselves, it feels a bit strange at times. My good friends here have been very kind to drop in, cook dinner and entertain N so that I can step out for a bit and go for a walk. Yesterday my mother arrived, and it is very very nice to have her.

Most of the sewing has been happening in the time that N is in school. Of course, because pretty much everything else also has to happen during this time, the making is happening only in bits and pieces. And so this has been my lesson learned of these last three weeks: always set up stuff to do then I get the next fifteen minutes to work on something. When I do actually do this, I am surprised by how much sewing gets s done in the very little bit of time that I find.

So here are the pants for which I cut fabric sometime ago:

orange pants

And because these came together so quickly, I had to make another one.

brown pants side view

Both are slightly long and kind of flowing-ish at the moment, but I like that bit of a flare at the bottom. The best part? Only three pattern pieces. The one in orange is ikat fabric with  a beautiful drape. The brown one is a Japanese fabric by Lecien.

Both are cotton so I am not sure how warm they are going to keep her. Still a basic pair of pants never goes waste, and N seems to like them.

The pattern comes from kidsのふだんぎ of the happy homemade series (ISBN  978-4-579-11242-2). I have made this and this from the same book before, and I love the way the clothes come together. Pretty basic patterns and good clear diagrams.

Here is another photo of N holding up what she now calls her “pet”–a dog (on a pendant). We call him Gems. This is in lieu of a real puppy; let’s see how things go with this one.


But given how popular Gems is around the house, and how well she has been taking care of it (yes! the pendant), I decided to make her this when I found a fabric that would remind her of Gems!

DSC_0089 flannel jacket another view

The cloth is from the line Just Dreamy by Riley Blake Designs and the pattern comes from yet another Japanese book titled おんなのこのワードローブ girly style wardrobe (that is not my English translation of the Japanese title, but it is rather strange sounding English, no?) (ISBN 978-4-579-11132-9).

I made this in size 110cms and increased the length by about 3/4″ but I still find it a bit too short for N, who is only about 106 cms. The binding gave me some trouble maybe because the fabric was too thick and I cut it too skinny.

Still, it is flannel, and she absolutely loves the softness of the fabric. It does remind her of Gems–the chocolate this time not the dog :-). This is now in fact called the “Gems shirt.” She wore it quite happily when we went to Lalbaug this weekend, and  I think it looks pretty nice on her.

in LB

And here is another one this time with her current favourite doll Mimi.

funny face

Working from Japanese patterns has been is a nice change from my usual Oliver+S. To begin with there is less to cut (both paper and cloth), and cutting paper pieces is not exactly my strong point. Ok, honestly, I hate it. Somehow things just come together faster, but then again I have to say I can envision better with my O+S patterns how the finished dress is going to look. I have found Japanese patterns, like the one that I just used to make this sort of an overshirt, tend to be a bit of hit-or-miss variety. I wish it were less boxy and longer.

Or maybe N just has a really long torso. Next time, I should really measure. Because I like things that come together in one afternoon.

Now I am working on something that I’ll show more of next week, but here is peek.

circles ready

Feeling a bit unsure about this one, not sure why, but I am hoping it comes together nicely.

I feel like I have been working at a slow and steady pace, which kind of feels nice, and very different from my usual hectic style. M’s absence means that N and I spend a lot of time with each other, and while it has been tiring and a bit challenging at times (read: the constant need to come up with activities that the child wants to do), it has also been strangely relaxing. She tells me a lot of things, constantly. And the day is not enough to fill up with her words. With just her and me, and even with me as tired as I feel by the end of the day, I realise how precious this time is, and how very soon every single thought that goes through her mind is not going to be shared with me.

I am sure I am not the only parent to feel this way, but I am feeling these days very glad that I resisted the urge to find a normal job in the last two years. Next week M comes back, and while both of us will be very very happy to see him, this time with just the two of us will also end.

And also the craziness of the move will begin. But, it has been a pleasure, my pleasure really, to have had this time with her. A time, that everyday I am afraid, will end only too soon.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


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