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a quilt (?) + giveaway winner

DSC_0001So, first things first. Thank you all those who left responses to my giveaway and for the delicious sounding cake recipes. Yum! I’ll be trying out some soon.

The winner for the giveaway is Marisa and her comment was this–

“They’re really nice fabrics Asmita, I’m sure I could put them to good use! And I think we may have similar taste in ceramics, too :)

The banana cake looks delicious. My favourite cake recipe at the moment is a very light, moist orange cake which happens to be vegan (so it’s healthy! you can eat lots of it!). I almost always have all the ingredients on hand, and it takes only 25 minutes in the oven, so it’s a quick and easy one to make. My kids love it too. Recipe from here: http://bubalablog.blogspot.com.au/2012/08/amazing-orange-cake.html

Looking forward to seeing the results of all your tracing and cutting soon.”

Thank you Marisa for the lovely comment. and the recipe! Oranges are in season, so I am looking forward to trying it, and will let you know the results.


I got back from Pune last night after a lovely visit, and so the results of all the sewing and cutting from last week will have to wait a bit. But what I wanted to show you was what I have been making on and off these last few weeks.

A few 12/5″ blocks which will hopefully result into a quilt.

This one is called “lucky pieces” and the most fantastic tutorial comes from hereDSC_0008And here is a more complicated one called “flower garden path”DSC_0007I have been wanting to try my hand at paper piecing for a while and this was fun, in part I think because of the excellent instructions.  You can probably see many fabric which look familiar from before (all scraps from here and there!).

This is the third and last one I have from last week, called the “star of Virginia.”DSC_0004Can’t wait to make more! Something about winter I guess. What about you? Does winter make you want to make nice snuggly things too?



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randomness+ a giveaway




humayun's tomb


teaThe weather is gorgeous. It’s fall! Well, not really, more like the beginning of Delhi winter. But in my mind it is–the crisp air is reminding me of my many falls in Brooklyn. Sure, there are no apples, no cider, and most importantly no carpet of those lush red leaves, but there are lovely veggies from the organic market, a desire to walk outside, and baking! We baked banana bread last week (the one above). Its my tried and tested recipe from here, and by now I think I can pretty much make it blindfolded :-).

Post painting, and some house renovation work, I have mostly fallen into a cycle where I wake up early, read a bit, sew cook and then afternoons with some cooking again. I haven’t been sewing much, mostly tracing-cutting-tracing-cutting that kind of a thing. Soon, hopefully, I’ll have some pants and long sleeved shirts that I can show you.

So. Coming to the point. This post is not about my sewing but about my long-ago announced giveaway!.fabric


ribbonsFirst the fabric: the bottom one (in the first photo) is from the “lantern blooms” collection by Laura Gunn and is about 2 yards. It is a quilting cotton, thick-ish and so maybe good for pants, and of course quilts. The blue zigzag striped one is 1/2 metre and thinner. Lovely for part of dress or something else that strikes your fancy. The ribbons are about 3/4″ thick, and good on dresses or whatever you wish to embellish. The blue one is 22″ long, and the pink/gold one is 30″ long.

I’ll choose a winner next Monday, which is the 18th. Leave me a comment and if you don’t mind I would love to hear your favourite baking recipe.

See you again soon!


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