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a Hello Hello! January is way past behind us and half of February is over, so it is too late to say Happy New Year, or even Happy Valentine’s day. So I will begin by writing about the most recent happenings and bring my little blog into this new year by way of that.

This year, like last three, I participated in the Secret Valentine Exchange hosted by the talented duo, Sanae and Ute. While my package is still making its way across the seas to its intended recipient, I wanted to share some photos of the lovely gift I received.dsc_0004This little pouch comes all the way from Germany. Isn’t it pretty? The stitching is impeccable, and, the colours my favourite. I have already filled it with some items that I need to carry with me to a upcoming trip that I am looking forward to very much.dsc_0013Thank you Kristen, for this beautiful and thoughtful gift.

In the meantime, this is what went out from here. I will write more about it, but only once it reaches my secret valentine–which I hope is soon!dsc_0051I have been keeping busy, hurrying to finish a few things before leaving next week. I am almost done, so I hope to show it to you before I leave. And…I want to participate in KCW which starts tomorrow. What about you?

More soon!


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A few days ago I received the most lovely present when I was psyching myself up to deal with a whole bunch of clothes that required urgent mending.



This comes all the way from New Zealand from my Secret Valentine!

Isn’t this just so adorable? The cross stitch is beautifully done and perfect.

I showed it to N right after she came back from school knowing that she would like to see it (recently she has been wanting a penpal and is quite intrigued by the idea of SVE). I had of course expected her to like it but not demand that I hang it next to her bed. So we have already found a place for it in our house.


Thank you sweet “Secret Valentine” for this lovely gift.



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SVE 2015 1

When I participated in SVE last year, I had so much fun that I decided then and there that should these two super talented women Sanae and Ute do it again this year there was no way I would want to miss it.

Unfortunately that’s exactly what happened. Well, almost. In that whole feeling-overhwelmed situation I found myself to be in, I was late to the party, and by the time I wrote to Sanae and Ute, everyone had been already assigned. But then I got lucky–there was another latecomer like me, and Dolores and I participated in the not-so-secret SVE.


I couldn’t be more glad that I got a chance to do it! Look at the goodies.


There is the most lovely case to keep all my sewing supplies when I am travelling (and we are travelling very soon, so I am excited to be able to carry this), and the beautifully made Merchant & Mills needles. Then there is a sweet little key chain (with a sleeping baby 🙂 and…


…the lovely book she produces herself with fun patterns, things for kids to do and lots more…. If you haven’t already, it’s time to visit her blog (and her shop) which you should check out.

And not only did I get presents, but Dolores was very sweet to send stuff for N and M too…a baby book for things to sew from for M (I really can’t make excuses anymore…) and a lovely little clip for Ms. N


It’s origami, it’s pink, it’s a butterfly. I think Dolores knew exactly what would make us happy :-), and it is so gorgeously made.

And last but not the least is another beautiful butterfly made from special Austrian fabric, and some iron-on patches that I can’t wait to use on knits.


Thank you Dolores for such lovely thoughtful gifts and the letter that accompanied them. I am so charmed by it, and they will be cherished.


So, did you participate in SVE, dear friends? If you didn’t I hope you do next year, because if I am not wrong this is now an annual thing. And Sanae and Ute, by way of SVE, have got something really special going on. All these gifts criss-crossing the world through postal networks- it reminds me a little bit of women’s international networks in late 18th and early 19th century.

I’ll show you soon what I sent to Dolores, but that’s all for me from today. I hope you get a chance to visit her blog, and also check out the flickr pool for the many gorgeous gifts that made a part of this memorable exchange.


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a gift

N quilt in progress 1For the last few months now I have been working on this project that can only be called as insane. I have procrastinated for months while working on it, then worked like  a mad woman at it, and am finally this close to finishing it. Now I can’t wait for it to be done.

Here are a few random photos of the-thing.  N quilt 1 N quilt in progress N quilt 2N quilt in progress 2

And here is N patiently keeping me coming while the baby is sleeping and when I am sewing. N in Nov

In the midst of all this, I sadly forgot to show you the most wonderful gift we received for the new baby a couple of weeks ago.martas elephant

I mean look at this. Isn’t it adorable? It is a small little elephant to go in in our ‘study’ where I sew and the two babies play 🙂

The story behind it is this: more than a month ago, my blog friend Marta emailed me to tell me that her parents were visiting India. I ‘met’ Marta perhaps a year ago through her lovely blog (you should visit it to see the beautiful clothes she makes for her two daughters) and was more than happy to give her recommendations for fabric shops in Delhi. To my great surprise when I met Marta’s parents (two lovely people) they handed us a bag with goodies. Inside it was this elephant made by Marta! gift 2

And these most beautiful buttons with a note.

Thank you Marta! I love the elephant and the buttons, and am happy to report that the elephant is being played with everyday and I am saving the buttons to be used with some special fabric 🙂

Asmita/xoxmartas elephant 1

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I have been wanting to show you these all of last week.

And for once I am not giving you the usual excuse of procrastination. It’s the internet connection that failed me this time! And while Sanae of the lovely sanaeishida.com has already posted over her blog the incredible things she made and sent me, she has been too shy (I think) to actually show everything that she included in the Secret Valentine exchange gift. 

And, so not only did I get this beautiful cloth bag and a handmade potholder (put to immediate use as you can see)…



I also got to handmade zippered pouches, one of which has been taken over by Ms. N at the moment for her little puppets.


And, as if that was not enough, there were still more yummy goodies packed into the package!


I am told that Merchant & Mills’ products are fantastic and I cannot wait to use it! One of the bookmarks is already in the book by my bedside and it’s so nice to see it everyday as I open my book to read.


When I signed up for Secret Valentine Exchange a couple of weeks ago, planned and executed by two talented seamstresses, Sanae and Ute, I don’t think I had any idea about how much fun this would be, both the making and the giving.

This has been really a treat.  I am truly touched Sanae, by your thoughtfulness and care in choosing every little part of the gift.

Thank you!


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