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It’s been a while. Once again.

I hope you all are enjoying some good weather. It is heavenly in Pune; it has started raining everyday, and while some of my fellow Puneites may find this a bit too much, all of us slept under light blankets last night.

I have been flaking out a bit on the sewing front. Ok, not a bit, but almost totally. The good weather, and N’s school holidays means there isn’t much time dedicated to sewing.

Here is what I have been doing in bits and pieces.
wipesThese are wipes I made for myself and a cousin. Really simple things, good for wiping countertops and such. A little square of fabric with and old towel on the back.wipes closeupAnd then a bit of hand sewing, which I am afraid is going a little toooo slowly. hexagonsSeriously, I have been working on this… forever. I got hooked on to this when I found out about it here, and the plan was to finish it while in Pune. hexagon flowersI think part of the problem is that I cannot conceptualise what I want to make of this eventually. I have been finding nice things on various blogs, here and here and here, but I still can’t figure out what I want to make. 

So anyway. And, here is my bit of  fabric shopping. fabricN’s birthday is coming up, and part of the fabric was purchased with her in mind. So far, I have nothing to show and two weeks left to go.

Ok, got to go for now. But I plan to improve on my current situation vis-a-vis sewing.

Hope you are enjoying summer holidays!



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Yesterday, my lovely friend (of the runnergirlinthekitchen blog fame), accompanied me to Commercial Street. I knew I wanted to go there one last time before I left Bangalore but was increasingly thinking that this plan was not going to work out. Taking N with me doesn’t quite work out; she wants almost every single fabric in the shop. But my mom was here and with her permission to leave Ms. N with her I took off.

And what fun we had! These are my findings, and I am very very pleased with them.


The green fabric which is heavy silk is to make a dress for N, something along the lines of this. I might wait until Diwali next year to make it because it’s brocade, and summers will be too hot to wear it. I have no idea as yet what to make with the pink and black. Maybe something for myself? The trims are from another favourite shop in the area, and I just love the organza ribbons with polka dots.

And here is another thing I want to show. A dress I made weeks ago and have not been able to get a single good photo of.  Yes, its a summer dress, when we are heading into the cold cold winter of Delhi!sitting very qu

I know there is no good reason to be making this right now. But something about the fabric (cotton muslin), and the frilly sleeves just appealed to me so much that I had to try it out.

The pattern is again from one of my current favourites: kidsのふだんぎ (happy homemade, vol. 2, made in size 110cms.

N likes it, very much, and I am glad I made it despite the fact that it does not make any sense to be making this right now. We are trying to get as much wear out of it right now, because once in Delhi N is not going to be able to wear it until March. When it might be too short.

Here is a full length photo-full dressAnd another one.close upI am sorry for the crumpled look of the dress in this photo, but the model refused to let me take photos right after she wore it, and the fabric crumples easily.

I am also a little unhappy about how it sags a bit in the front, but am not quite sure what to do differently next time. Maybe a fabric with more stability? Interfacing needed? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Okay, must get back to the project at hand which absolutely has to be finished in the next few days.

Until then.


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Last week I went with my cousin to one of the old local markets to buy some silk fabric. There, as I was waiting for her I entered a shop selling trims, ribbons, and such, and in doing so entered the wide world  of buttons. And what gorgeous lovely beautiful buttons there were. And not cheap! So instead of the buying silk, I spent most of my time (and more money that I intended) in this tiny little shop with the shop lady showing me more buttons than what I had seen in my entire life. Here is just a little bit of what I bought–these little gems for frocks and dresses that I am dreaming of making.


Some of these I am happy to say have immediately been put to use!

I have been eyeing this Apple Picking Dress pattern (by Oliver+S) that needed making. Part of this was prompted by the fact that I have now a more than a few of these Oliver+S patterns that I just need to make as Ms. N is already four. And these patterns are too precious to be wasted. While she is on the smaller size, and I can often make a size 3T with extended length, I love whatever I have made of their patterns so much that I do not want to be able to just make one dress.

So despite having about a hundred other things to do, and the fact that N certainly does not need any new clothes, this is what was made.


The fabric is purchased here in Bangalore, and is 100% cotton but on the stiffer side. As in the washing did not make it any softer but only a bit stiffer. While this made the sewing a whole lot easier, I was not too happy with the fact that hardly had any drape.

But what a four year old wants in not what I want. The fact that it is flouncy, does not fall well, and kind of stands up is precisely what seems to give her joy.


What I love is the of course the pattern, which like in the case of all the Oliver+S patterns that I have used turns out beautifully. But I was also happy that I decided to use pink to highlight some aspect of the dress. The placket was a success, after my last disaster, and I do like the way a little bit of pink shows from underneath the ties. I think perhaps they have turned out to be slightly thinner than what the pattern aims at, but I do like the way the contrast works. And this little bit of pink goes a long way.



So all in all there is a happy child and happy me!

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