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Hello Hello. It’s been a long summer. We went away for most of it (to Pune, as always) and just returned two Sunday’s back to a terribly hot and humid Delhi.I am trying to inch my way back into everyday life, but it looks like its going to happen really slowly. M and N started school the very next day,  but it’s taken M a few days to really settle into things. I think with the really long seven week break, he forgot that he ever went to school in the first place 🙂 While very little sewing got done in Pune (despite plans–oh, always there are plans!), I did manage to do a bit of prep so a few things are ready to be sewn.

July is a big birthday month for us as both kids have their birthdays this month. Ms. N having already had hers on the 1st, is already nine. 9!! I feel like each year passes by so quickly and here she is another year older.DSC_0111DSC_0081Birth-day this year was more like a week long celebration this year. She had three separate do-s in Pune, plus one small celebration this week in school. All birthday parties were super low key and fun, but yes, there were THREE separate events (not to mention the one in school!

The final Pune do was on the morning of her actual birthday at my grandmother’s house. We had breakfast from her favourite South Indian restaurant and some cake. My grandmother turned 92 this year, and for the last few years N has wanted to have her birthday party at her house. I wish I had a few decent photos to keep and share, but as with any occasion where everyone is having fun, there are sadly none.DSC_0095I do have photos however, of before we just left for my grandma’s place that morning and this is the dress she wore. I made it in a fabric of her choice, but one that I had not expected her to pick out. Pink is not her favourite colour, and the checks pattern figures pretty low on her list, but she chose this fabric herself. (I gave up on surprises a while ago now, having had not such good luck with them). The reason I think is this is the softest, lightest double gauze that she, or for that matter I, has ever laid hands on. And, so the real attraction here is in the kind of fabric. Oh, and the flutter-y sleeves- very summery!

The pattern “r” comes from happy homemade vol.2. (Here is the link to the English version.) I have made several things from this book before, and haven’t run into problems before so this one went pretty easily too. I haven’t made a dress with fluttery sleeves for her in a long time for her (the last time was when she was a wee little thing of 2), so it was nice to try out this sleeve style again. In general, I think they look better on slightly more chubby arms but oh well. She does ballet four times a week, and started swimming lessons. Not to mention that all other times she is upside down. So these are strong arms, and that’s good! Oh, and I think I should have stuck to the 110cm size instead of moving up to 120cms because it sort of sags a bit on her shoulder, but oh well, again. DSC_0103She does seem to like it well enough and that’s more important than getting the perfect dress.DSC_0091Which brings me to getting some things ready for the second birthday that is coming up really soon. Again, M is a bit clued out about birthday’s still, but no one is more excited than N. It really is quite amazing that she is now 9–my sweet, sensitive and caring child. Happy birthday to dearest N.


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Or, really, what I mean is a frock.

fairy tale dress 7

I bought this pattern a while ago lured by the idea of making an old style frock for N. I mean the kind that we wore as kids, and which is reminiscent of the dresses I saw Julie Andrews wear in Sound of Music.

fairy tale dress 10

Of course buying does result into immediate production, no matter how excited I maybe about it at that time, and so it sat in the cupboard until I realised that it would be the perfect birthday dress for N.

So fabric was chosen (a lovely yellow voile) for the main dress, and a plain white thin “lining” fabric (as the shop keeper told me) for the inside, and everything duly cut for the actual sewing. This was all done almost a week before N’s birthday (now almost three weeks ago), but then things got in way (as they invariably do) and the frock didn’t happen.

In retrospect, I am glad I did not try to hurry through things. Because with most of the Oliver+S patterns, there is a lot to be learned when one reads the instructions carefully as Liesl does such a fantastic job of it.

Finally I am feeling a lot more confident with invisible zippers and also ensconcing them nicely inside a lining.

There was, as you can see here  a bit of a minor issue with the hook at the back.DSC_0789fairy tale dress 3

N didn’t like the way it felt so I ended up taking it out while thinking of an alternative. She prefers it a little open right now, so I guess for now it stays as such.

But all in all, I *love* the dress. Completely worth the many hours it took and the effort.fairy tale dress 8

Just look at the lovely petal sleeves! I am so impressed with them :-),  esp. with the fact that I could follow and execute the instructions.fairy tale dress 5

The only tiny change I made was the finishing around the waistline, where I used a velvet ribbon instead of what the pattern suggested.fairy tale dress 6

Oh, and I also increased the length of the bottom skirt (but not the bodice) by 1″ for both the main skirt and lining. The pattern is pretty fitted as mentioned somehwere in the descprition, so it might be worth making a muslin first as suggested, although I didn’t.

I made it in size 5T, and I think it fits N well, with tiny bit of room to grow around the waist. My favourite part is how well it fits her on the shoulders.fairy tale drss 9fairy tale dress 1

All in all a great dress to make and appropriately called the “fairy tale dress” I think. I, for one, am glad I made it when I still have some physical energy to spare and am not all bleary eyed 🙂

And as for N, who always has the last word on these things–I am happy to report that she is very very pleased with it too.

Asmita xox


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