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Happy day-after-valentine’s day!

I hope you had a good yesterday and of course today. I made a quick little gift for N the night before.


The inspiration for it came from purl bee which is always excellent for quick and gratifying ideas. I won’t say much about the fabric now (because it’s a little piece of what I am working with right now), but N had asked for something in red and something heart shaped so she got what she wanted. And it was super super quick to make.


This blurry photo is unfortunately the only one I have but she is pretty pleased with it.

Then also we sent off some stuff she made and I sent off my package a few days before that.


Sadly none of these have reached their destinations yet, it seems. So for now I will remain quiet about it!

All in all it was quite a valentines day celebration for someone (i.e. me!) who is not much into festivities.

Oh,and I almost forgot…on a totally unrelated note:


I cracked the method to make homemade butter! Over the years I have tried this many times, and finally on Friday thanks to some patient instructions of a good friend and pictorial aids from here, I got my first blob/handful (?) of butter. The taste is divine and N had three straight spoonfuls of it. I admit that I had a few undisclosed number of tastings too ­čÖé And while I can always buy butter from the shop, this opens up more possibilites….


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food etc.

More cooking has been done this week than anything else. Late last weekend we went to this place called the French Farm (directions are here). The place is located so 60 kms outside Delhi off Delhi-Jaipur highway. He grows organic veggies all of which can be procured quite easily in Delhi itself. But because I have a friend who often goes to the source itself and likes to see things before they are dug up from the ground and procured as it were, we decided to tag along.

The outing itself was not as fun as I had anticipated–N got car sick, cranky etc., but the produce itself was (is) so fantastic that one way or the other I am going to have to figure out how to do this again.

So here is my haul.



Given that our entire dining table was covered with only veggies (and it is a pretty large table) I have spent a lot of time cooking this week. Mostly stews and soups since it’s still very cold–at least too cold for me. My current favourite blog for recipe hunting is smitten kitchen, and we’ve so far had the most yummy swiss chard pasta, and swiss chard bean soup (with still more of swiss chard in the fridge), celery soup, and…

So, anyway, feeling pretty well-fed, N and I embarked on our long term project this week. “Long term” because I have been planning this with her for the last four months at least. This week after a major melt down over this issue I stopped procrastinating, and we have finally begun work on our DOLL house. And here is our first room–


This was a lot of fun to make, given that I am not a fan of making tiny things. And, if I wanted to sound like a brochure, I would add that the room has a lot of “fun details” like extra “room” for guests to sleep in.


train bedroom

And a train service! Apparently, this is necessary because we do not have any other rooms as yet, and if ┬áturtle and fish need to travel some distance to get supplies they need some mode of transport. So I have been told.┬áNot a bad idea, and I wouldn’t mind a train at my real doorstep. (Seriously, there are too many cars in Delhi.)

N is pretty delighted with this, and hopefully this will give me the necessary impetus to get going with the other rooms.

N in her hat


And now having finally shaken myself out of my procrastination mode, I am also on to getting into the mode to make some other stuff. So here is what is coming up.


More on this soon!

Thanks for visiting. I am very happy to be back. Hope you all have a lovely Sunday.


P.S. My long running favourite read is the Orangette blog. I really like the way Molly Wizenberg writes and what she writes about, and I loved this essay that she recently posted.

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