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It’s always nice to have a few spots to loll around on or sit if needed. We had a couple of floor cushions that needed covering, and so I finished these a few days ago.

floor cushion 1

floor cushion 3They are sized at 24″ X 24.” The back is simple envelope type with buttons to hold the edges together. I used upholstery fabric remainders mixing some Indian fabric with Echino leftovers. Best part? They’ll stand a good deal of washing and playing….

floor cushion 4floor cusion 2


And as summer comes we’ll find these to be more useful when gradually one shifts from from chairs onto cushions and finally to the floor!

On a totally different note….I started a cross stitch sampler and here is a little peek at it. The pattern comes from one of my all time favourite books. It’s slow going and will probably take the entire summer (which here will last until October!!) but I am enjoying the slow pace of it.

So what’s your favourite form of sewing when the weather gets too hot to sit at the sewing machine?

posie sampler 2






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so little

Alas! I have such little to show you. It’s been more than two weeks, since I have made anything. Lots of lovely guests and this and that, and I am itching to get back to the sewing table. But the days have been flying, and it is almost already middle of December. And in less than two weeks we hope to leave for our yearly winter vacation.

Last night I finished this cushion cover, mostly because I was desperate to make something that would lead to some immediate gratification. I had this idea in mind for a while, and one can never have too many cushion covers right?

pillow 1

Trust me, I took my time with this as well. These little things which are really just two pieces of felt on top of each other and hand sewn to the front took forever for some reason.

pillow 4

pillow closeup

The yellow linen I believe is from the Robert Kaufman line, and  and little pieces of felt are scraps (received from a friend). I had the idea of making these for a while from here, except that I used felt instead of linen for the decoration.

pillow 2

So there. I hope this little project gets me out of current state and I get working on a few other projects lined up on my table.

Thanks for visiting. And I promise to be back soon.


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pillow for school

Last week N’s teacher asked me to cover a pillow that the children use in their “sleeping room.” N was delighted when she found out about this and couldn’t stop asking–“so didi has asked you to do this because you can sew?” and “can I choose the fabric?” and many more questions. Mostly I think she was excited because she could carry the pillow home from school for the holidays and then bring it back to her friends with a brand new cover.

So last evening, as she made drawings of the clothes she is planning to make for her dolls, I finished the pillow cover. heart pillow 2

heart pillow 3The fabric is recycled from an old top of mine. I just traced the pattern on the paper using the cushion insert and cut pieces accordingly. The cover has velcro opening (sorry no photos of that!), and I did the opening before cutting up the two heart shaped pieced and sewing them together. It was easier to do it that way, but I also underestimated the length of the opening required to stuff the pillow and so it needed a few last minute adjustments. And then of course, there is the little label of which you can catch of sight in the first photo.

N was over the moon when it got done. Usually not given to any excessively loving declarations, she told me that from now on when she misses me in school she is going to hug the pillow. Of course she doesn’t miss me in school (another declaration of hers :-), but never mind that.

Oh, and then a few moments later when M saw it, he told me of how it reminded him of the freaky heart pillow in this movie. Ha ha. Thereon, I couldn’t really look at the it the same way anymore!

Anyway. N, who has no such references is super happy.heart pillow 1

This one photo shoot certainly posed no problems for us!

Oh, and just because she asked me, here is a picture of all the dresses she is planning on making.

N's drawings

Certainly she looks more prepared from KCWC than me!


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Given how long I have been away for (more than a month now…) I might as well start a new blog, introduce myself and all that.

Seriously, I came back from Pune, now almost three weeks, all geared up to show what I have been making and all that, but now that was more than three weeks ago. And what took me so long to write? Well, the sad and the very tedious reason is that we had no internet.

Actually, this is not a fact that I mind in general. Or, rather, I should say that after going through some serious withdrawal symptoms, I kind of got used to it. Like in a life without cable TV, I realised that it created all kinds of free time and it wasn’t such a bad thing after all. But then, I missed writing my posts, if for no one else then for myself (I was pretty sure that by this time I have lost the few friends I have made through my blog.)

So. Anyway. Here I am, dear friends. If you have checked in a few times to see thank you for your patience. There is no revised or new version of me or anything, nor any profound reason for why I was away for so long. But thank you for dropping by.

It feels like too long ago, to tell all that I have been making and doing the last many weeks. But let me just start by saying that someone around here turned five a few weeks ago. While this happened only a little over two weeks we feel like it happened a long time ago, because the person is no longer constantly reminding us excitedly that she has “just turned five.” By now we take this fact for granted, and are almost looking forward to being five and half.

As a birthday present she got something very small, but something that she had wanted for a while.

pink clip 2

red clip 2

Two clips! The pink bow clip is a free pattern from here and was super simple to make. I didn’t do a great job with the hot glue gun but that’s ok as she nor anyone can see it.  The rose barrette is from here and took some fiddling but was worth the time and effort. red clip 1

pink clip 1N wore the barrette for her birthday and has been happily using both since.

Initially I had big plans to make N a dress and such, but those fell through partly due to my laziness in Pune. Actually this turned out to be a good thing. Because…

The weather in Delhi could not have been more different than in Pune. But no more “weather” talk because the only way for me to deal with Delhi is to not talk of the weather at all. So anyway, the good thing was that we came back and I realised that she just needed very very light clothing rather than any birthday-appropriate fancy frocks, or fancy anything for that matter.

And birthday or no birthday, she needed some pajamas. So one got done last week.red pants(Apologies for the not so nice looking shirt in the picture. Its from when some artwork got done…).

And here is one of the lovely toes with what I call the remains-of-the-summer-vacation nail polish.red pants closeup

The pattern is from here and they are called “sleepover pajamas.” (I only made the bottoms.) The fabric is very thin cotton from my favourite shop in Pune. It’s the first thing I have made for her in size 5, and while they are a wee bit long, she loves them. Cutting them and then making them I also felt a bit sad and like suddenly she had grown.

I would like to say that I just finished making them in under an hour or something, because it is actually possible to do that especially with the no ruffle version. But no, they took very very long, in part because I cut only one cuff per leg and could not, for the life of me, figure out the instructions. I entirely blame this matter on the fogginess in my head induced by humidity, but, as I said….no weather complaints.

So that’s why they look like bedtime story pajamas, but just for the record, they are not meant to be. I have to more on my sewing table and plans to make amends.

The other thing that got done in this no internet period is this.pillow frontI have been cutting up and saving the 2.5″ squares for sometime now to make this. The plan was to do it in Pune, and I even took the squares there, but then I already told you lazy I was in Pune right? So I got them back here. I have been trying not to save too many scraps of what is left over of the fabric after I cut it for something else like a dress, and so this little pillow was perfect. It has lots of remaindered fabric that got left back. And reminders too of what got made this last couple of months. N loves the pillow cover to see if she can remember what was made with what fabric and it has now become a kind of a game.

I wanted something nice for the back so that we can use both sides. So I used a remaining bit of Echino and did a simple button closure.pillow back 2

pillow closeupAs you can see the little cat likes it too!

Ok, that’s about all from me today. I can promise this time that I am coming back to post some more stuff really soon, because right now after this I am going to my sewing table to finish a few more things 🙂

See you all soon. Thank you for visiting.


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