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Do you like cute? Sometimes I am not sure, but I couldn’t resist these….


A couple of days ago, I came across this blog which has the cutest hand made Japanese things. Scrolling down the several hundred zakka posted here (and there by wasting several hours in the process), I came across various little and quick to make items that I could easily use around the house. Such as these-

DSC_0519  DSC_0522

So now we have four more coasters. Each measures 4.5″ takes about 7 minutes each if you include the little bit of hand sewing and is a perfect way to use up scraps. Plus, they can make perfect gifts for just about anyone.


We now have them lying all over the house–we use them as coasters, baby M uses them as playthings!

Check out the website if you are interested in this kind of thing. I want to sew up a dozen more of these in different styles and colours.


Oh and while I am intermittently making these I have also been cutting up some fabric to sew up something warm for N.

DSC_0519 Delhi winter temperatures are here and I want to finish this soon.

I hope I’ll be back to show you more. For now, bye!


P.S. I am making some changes around my blog (long overdue)–trying to organise stuff better. But, I am technically challenged and it takes me a while, so please bear with me as I do this over the next few days. Thank you.






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Hello there!

It’s been long…again, hasn’t it? I hope you are well well.

Unlike previously, as is usually the case after my long absences, I want to tell you that this time I have actually been quite productive. Just somehow not very good with posting what I have been up to.

If you remember, I said a while ago, that I have a really hard time throwing out scraps. Well, I have been rather good with using them up consistently, and have quite a few more blocks to show.


log cabin quilt 3log cabin quilt 2

log cabin quilt 1

log cabin quilt 4They are all entirely made of scraps and I am happy to report that the pile of just-can’t-bear-to-throw-away fabric pieces is slowly diminishing. Each block measures 12.5″ now, and i think with another twelve of them I’ll have a bed cover or a quilt for N’s new bed.

She is super excited about this one, and can’t wait for me to be done with it. Neither can I!

More soon.



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Given how long I have been away for (more than a month now…) I might as well start a new blog, introduce myself and all that.

Seriously, I came back from Pune, now almost three weeks, all geared up to show what I have been making and all that, but now that was more than three weeks ago. And what took me so long to write? Well, the sad and the very tedious reason is that we had no internet.

Actually, this is not a fact that I mind in general. Or, rather, I should say that after going through some serious withdrawal symptoms, I kind of got used to it. Like in a life without cable TV, I realised that it created all kinds of free time and it wasn’t such a bad thing after all. But then, I missed writing my posts, if for no one else then for myself (I was pretty sure that by this time I have lost the few friends I have made through my blog.)

So. Anyway. Here I am, dear friends. If you have checked in a few times to see thank you for your patience. There is no revised or new version of me or anything, nor any profound reason for why I was away for so long. But thank you for dropping by.

It feels like too long ago, to tell all that I have been making and doing the last many weeks. But let me just start by saying that someone around here turned five a few weeks ago. While this happened only a little over two weeks we feel like it happened a long time ago, because the person is no longer constantly reminding us excitedly that she has “just turned five.” By now we take this fact for granted, and are almost looking forward to being five and half.

As a birthday present she got something very small, but something that she had wanted for a while.

pink clip 2

red clip 2

Two clips! The pink bow clip is a free pattern from here and was super simple to make. I didn’t do a great job with the hot glue gun but that’s ok as she nor anyone can see it.  The rose barrette is from here and took some fiddling but was worth the time and effort. red clip 1

pink clip 1N wore the barrette for her birthday and has been happily using both since.

Initially I had big plans to make N a dress and such, but those fell through partly due to my laziness in Pune. Actually this turned out to be a good thing. Because…

The weather in Delhi could not have been more different than in Pune. But no more “weather” talk because the only way for me to deal with Delhi is to not talk of the weather at all. So anyway, the good thing was that we came back and I realised that she just needed very very light clothing rather than any birthday-appropriate fancy frocks, or fancy anything for that matter.

And birthday or no birthday, she needed some pajamas. So one got done last week.red pants(Apologies for the not so nice looking shirt in the picture. Its from when some artwork got done…).

And here is one of the lovely toes with what I call the remains-of-the-summer-vacation nail polish.red pants closeup

The pattern is from here and they are called “sleepover pajamas.” (I only made the bottoms.) The fabric is very thin cotton from my favourite shop in Pune. It’s the first thing I have made for her in size 5, and while they are a wee bit long, she loves them. Cutting them and then making them I also felt a bit sad and like suddenly she had grown.

I would like to say that I just finished making them in under an hour or something, because it is actually possible to do that especially with the no ruffle version. But no, they took very very long, in part because I cut only one cuff per leg and could not, for the life of me, figure out the instructions. I entirely blame this matter on the fogginess in my head induced by humidity, but, as I said….no weather complaints.

So that’s why they look like bedtime story pajamas, but just for the record, they are not meant to be. I have to more on my sewing table and plans to make amends.

The other thing that got done in this no internet period is this.pillow frontI have been cutting up and saving the 2.5″ squares for sometime now to make this. The plan was to do it in Pune, and I even took the squares there, but then I already told you lazy I was in Pune right? So I got them back here. I have been trying not to save too many scraps of what is left over of the fabric after I cut it for something else like a dress, and so this little pillow was perfect. It has lots of remaindered fabric that got left back. And reminders too of what got made this last couple of months. N loves the pillow cover to see if she can remember what was made with what fabric and it has now become a kind of a game.

I wanted something nice for the back so that we can use both sides. So I used a remaining bit of Echino and did a simple button closure.pillow back 2

pillow closeupAs you can see the little cat likes it too!

Ok, that’s about all from me today. I can promise this time that I am coming back to post some more stuff really soon, because right now after this I am going to my sewing table to finish a few more things 🙂

See you all soon. Thank you for visiting.


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I can hardly believe that I am posting again so soon, but I got some unexpected sewing time this afternoon. And, so, hello again!

pancha 1

The thing is that I love scraps. I save the tiniest bits thinking and dreaming of what I could do with them. At times, I think I like them more than all the unused fabric that also occupies plenty of space in the house.

pancha 6I was sorting through this stuff yesterday and making N help me out (not an uncommon feature of our afternoons), and I decided that I could do well to use some of it to make binding.

A few weeks ago, I was at Khadi Gram Udyog (located in Connaught Place) where I bought a lovely thin cotton towel for N to take to school. At that point, all I was meaning to stitch the sides to give it a finished look, but then yesterday it came to me that a colourful binding might do the same job nicely. And put some scraps to good use.

pancha 2

pancha 3

pancha 5

I am pretty pleased with what I got, and the best part was that it got done in one afternoon. Actually, one smallish part of the afternoon, so it was instant gratification. I know I should be getting down to that thing that I am making for me. But I won’t be too surprised if I just keep making more of these!

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final project


For anyone thinking that taking a three day trip when moving is two days away is a crazy idea, let me affirm and say yes to that. Nonetheless, it is also a good idea, because it means a) what could be be done in five days gets squished into two days and b) three days go in relative peace, and the two days (after you return) in utter panic, so there is very little time to do much thinking about the “actual move” as such.

Hampi is truly a lovely lovely place. We did very little, and the highlight was a ride in the coracle in the Tungabhadra river, a kind of a circular boat made of bamboo and rowed with one paddle.

Anyway, we got back yesterday morning, and now I slightly panicked before the movers come tomorrow. But before I go and sign off for the year, here is the final project that I finished last week.

flower photo

This one goes to V again, and I want to say a really big thank you to V’s mom for pushing me do this. She probably does not realise how hard I tried to convince her that I should not do this–how I could not come up with a good enough idea for decorating a bedsheet for V.

The basic idea was pretty simple–A (V’s mom) handed me a bedsheet a few months ago and told me that I could do whatever I like with it. Because its something that one sleeps on rather than something that is used to cover, I knew that I wanted to do something simple–something that would not get caught in anything (like earrings), and still remain basically a comfortable bedsheet that V could sleep on.

After trying out a a variety of things, finally this is what worked out: lots of flowers, lots of colours and simple running stitch.

entire bedsheet(Apologies for the photo taken in terrible lighting)blue flower

I hope V likes it. And thanks a ton to her for her patience.

Ok, must go. A happy new year to to everyone!


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long overdue

Hello! We are getting ready for the big move, so not much happening on the sewing front. I just want to show a little bit of what got done this week.

I made this

and this

for my cousin. She had asked me to a while ago, but it has taken me forever. Finally this week I got down to it.

The pattern for the mitt comes from Simple Sewing by Lotta Jansdotter. I like this book a lot and have made lots of things from it. This one is basic enough pattern.I used old turkish towels for batting instead of batting, and I find that it works fine.

The hot pad (sort of a giant mug mat) is so large because she had specifically requested something other than my usual size of 6.5″X6.5″ for her bigger pots. So this one is about 10″X12″. I used all scraps, happy to say, and these have my favourite orange and blue fabric. I actually love the way the inside of the mitt looks now.

My most favourite thing that I made for her though, and also the simplest is this–

Measuring about 6″X4″ these are like “burp cloths” except that they are for wiping down countertops, tables etc. Better than kitchen towels, at least I think so.

And finally,

I cut up some cloth to make pants for N who desperately needs some. Only three pattern pieces!

These are the pants I want to make. Has anyone tried these before? I absolutely adore the book, and have made a few dresses before. Hope the pants turn out well. We will know soon enough!

Ok, more soon…I’ll be back with the pants.


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Two days before we left for our trip I decided that it would be so much better to make rather than buy some gifts–especially for the kiddos. Not a bad idea in itself, but not such a great one 48 hours before boarding the plane.

The thing is that usually I do like to make stuff that I give other people. But this making requires a bit of thinking and planning, and this particular trip involved so much of planning that I gave up the idea of “making” early on. Or, rather, I outsourced some of the making and got some delicious biscuits from here.

But the children that we were going to meet on the trip still needed something, and I really should have bought. But…I did not look hard enough to find something that I liked. Instead I came up with this idea that I make something at the last minute–yes, two days before leaving.

And yes, that means everything from tracing the pattern, cutting the cloth and actually making the gifts. And that too something I haven’t made before. Madness!

I know a lot of people who are really good at this kind of stuff, getting their act together two minutes before they are out of the door. And really, while I might sound like that’s a bad idea I do envy these people. But I am not like that, and if I try it, everyone around me and I end up in a really bad mood right before leaving.

Still, this is what I did, here is what I have to show for it:

I apologise for the poor quality of the photos. They were taken “last minute” (needless to say) and I feel that the absence of a model makes them appear a bit flat.

The photos are however way better than what the sewing experience was like–a bit of a nightmare. In other words more than few things went wrong: like sewing the wrong sides together, getting the seams not exactly right, ETC. Nothing that could not be rectified, but really nothing that needed to be done at midnight. So despite having such a lovely and simple pattern to work with, the lack of much joy in this bit of sewing was entirely my fault and not of the pattern.

This one comes for as a free download available on the Oliver+S site. The fabrics I used for both are cotton that I got locally. For the blue frock, I decided to use a bias tape in place of a lace between the bodice and the skirt. It turned out well I think (despite the fact that I had to redo it twice).

But my favourite part (also because it didn’t need about twenty re-dos) was this one:

I have just recently started putting labels on the clothes that I make and I think this allows for a whole new bit of creativity. Here I used a piece of cotton ribbon and stamped it with my current favourite motif. I have tried something like this here on N’s clothes, and I am thinking that a whole lot can be done with this. But more on this soon!

Anyway, so that was the end of my last-minute saga. Not something that will be attempted anytime soon.

I am happy to say however that the gifts were appreciated, and that always makes me want to make more of the same.

And so, the day I got back from the day, this is what I did!–yes even before I had entirely finished unpacking.

The pattern is exactly the same, but I decided once again to pull something out of my half yard Japanese fabric collection. Can you tell it is from the lovely Nani Iro line by Naomi Ito?

Of course, given that I was not running on any kind of a tight schedule to make this one, and that I had made all the possible mistakes I could make already, this took all of about three quarters of an hour from start to finish!

Immediately worn and well appreciated too!

My only little complaint (not the model’s, and certainly not a problem of the pattern) is that I feel it is a bit too wide at her chest. N has a small chest and narrow shoulders. So depending on the pattern the chest can be a bit wide on her. Here I should have perhaps used a 3T or perhaps even 2T size with increased length. Well, something for me to consider for such kind of dresses with spaghetti straps.

And here is the  tag I put on the back. Just because I could not bear to waste any little bit of the absolutely gorgeous fabric.

And, finally there is one more thing to show, this time with N’s work in it. Here is what she made a little while ago and I put together.

A cushion cover!

We made this, specifically, she made the centre piece with a bit of felt that I cut up for her. While I have done this with strips of paper as a child, the genius idea of using felt to make this came from “eclectic mom” who did a guest post here. Really what I great idea.

The weaving is entirely N’s, and my job was to pin each strip in place once done, and push the strips up tightly next to each other. Once she got the hang of the weaving part we were done in about an hour. Not bad for a four year old!

I put the cushion cover together, again using fabric from my half yard Japanese fabric pile (perfect yardage for really simple cushion covers). So here is the back, really plain and simple.

As you can tell, the only thing that I did differently from the instructions on her blog was that I put in a cushion insert.

Also, I sewed the whole woven felt carpet to the top square of the pillow just to give it some more stability.

This one is certainly giving much joy around the house. Not only is it good to prop oneself up on, or to sit back and admire, but we can also do this:

I hope you have a lovely Sunday.

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