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a trip

A little less than two weeks ago we got back from a trip to Jodhpur, the famed “blue city” of Rajasthan. By we, I mean my sister Shalu, her old and my relatively new friend Ekta, N and me. It was a lovely trip, the kind of which I dream about and would like to have more of. We did all the touristy things like visiting the famous Mehrangarh fort and going for a camel ride, but also some not very touristy stuff such as taking a tour of the Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park. And, of course we ate the most delicious kachoris and jalebees, of which I wouldn’t mind a few as I write this post! All this in only three days, but somehow it felt much longer. In a good kind of a way. If I were to think of the “best part” of something as N and I often discuss, my best part of the trip would be the park and the jalebees, and the beautiful hotel that Ekta chose.

Here are a few photos from our travels, the memories of which will stay with me for many years.[Warning: this one is a picture heavy post, but I do hope you get to the bottom of it :-)]

















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Considering the going-ons of the past few weeks, these last few days have been positively quiet. For me it has meant coming to terms with Trump, figuring out ways to live with seriously bad air quality after days of panic, and now dealing with our latest drama of demonetisation. Things look unsettled, but I think this is about as settled as they will be for a while. For some reason this morning as I was bemoaning the fact of Trump (yet again), I suddenly thought to myself – would I rather be in 1916 instead of 2016, and my answer is a clear no. Because that means being in the middle of one war, then yet another one and by the time I want to live which is the early 1970s I would be dead anyway. So, I guess this becomes a roundabout way of saying -I think I need to settle down into into things as they are at this moment.

Here is some things that brought us cheer during last week.   dsc_0200

dsc_0110dsc_0132dsc_0206dsc_0198This last thing, a mobile of starts and moon something N made in her pottery class. Passing by it when going from one room to another is making me quite happy.

During the past crazy few weeks I also made something. Or rather, I finished a project – yet another one that has been sitting unfinished in my list of to-do pile for long.dsc_0142It’s a  bag is for me to carry my yoga mat to my newly joined yoga class. As it turns out however, the class provides these really lovely straw mats. And they are so much nicer than the generic rubber ones like what I have, that I am inclined to leave my mat and the bag at home. But still I like the bag.dsc_0154It has a cute little pocket and a strap to carry it across my back. Carrying it makes me feel almost sporty!

I am not sure why this one took so long really because the construction of this couldn’t be any easier.  The fabric is canvas weight, and the pattern on it bring peacocks to my mind for some reason. If I remember correctly, it was purchased at Ikea in New York many moons ago. The pattern, if you can even call it that, comes from this book, one of the first sewing books that I ever purchased and still my favourite. As the title says it is really “simple sewing” and just the kind that can make you forget current worries and let all noises recede in the background, even if temporarily.



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a find

I didn’t plan to disappear so completely on my Pune trip, but as it so happens, and has happened before I did just that. It’s been super busy last few weeks, really months, I should say. We had a good, (“full” is perhaps the word) summer vacation from which N and I got back almost ten days ago. Baby m and Mr. M followed soon thereafter, and now we are in hot humid Delhi.

At this moment as I am writing this, I see a drawing on the wall behind my desk, and I think of some good memories from our summer vacation.


N made it for me when we were in Pune, and it is, as you can probably tell, a picture of a sewing machine. A few years ago, after I had started sewing on my mother’s old machine, I inherited yet another one. Something even older than my mom’s, a Singer, which was then sold under the name Merritt in India.

(Very quick research suggests that there are quite a few websites documenting the birth and growth of Singer machines. I found this one most interesting, but still cannot figure out why the Indian ones are called Merritt. So if anyone has an idea, please do share).


Truth is, I didn’t need a second machine but I am so glad I did not say no when it was offered to me. It belonged to my parents neighbour’s mother, and while even she can’t recall when it was purchased I suspect it is at least 50 years old if not older! If you look closely enough you can probably tell that outwardly it is showing its age-the ply is peeling just about everywhere….

But the machine? The machine works like a dream. And it is gorgeous!




I have barely sewed on a machine with a foot pedal before. But I realised that once you get a hang of it it can go really fast and really well.


I left the machine, extended family and the lovely weather back in Pune quite sadly this time, and while I have my old Janome (well not as old compared to Singer),  here, I miss it already. So it’s nice to have this lovely visual reminder in form of N’s picture!

Do you also have any old models that you can’t part with? I would love to hear about them.




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The other day I made a quick little skirt. That morning N mentioned pompoms and I vaguely recalled that a skirt-a dress-a something with pompoms had been in demand for quite some time. So after I put baby M down for his afternoon nap I got to work. By the time he woke up (an hour and half later) there was a skirt.


N wore it immediately to an afternoon tea party that we were heading out for, and for some reason I felt like I had accomplished sewing that felt meaningful to me after a really long time.

Which brings me to sharing some things that I have been thinking about recently. Lately everything just feel like a rush. Whatever little time I get from M, I want to spend it with N, which leaves too little time to embark on anything. Actually perhaps what I am really talking about here is energy. Baby M goes to sleep, we eat dinner, N goes to bed and then all I want to do is lie on the sofa and watch meaningless TV before crashing out. With what I do manage to get done, I feel like I am not really into it. I guess what I saying is that, one the one hand I am eager and almost desperate to sew, but on the other hand, when it actually comes down to doing it, the word that comes to mind is “chore.” And the minute I actually think that, I feel, no-no-no that is all wrong, it is not meant to be like this, because really it is the one thing that gives me so much joy.

So I tried to figure out what some of the issues are. And perhaps it is these: I plan very little because I enjoy spontaneous sewing and embarking on a project. Which means that when I can’t plan I hardly sew anything that feels new or challenging to me. Again because that would require some planning. And then sometimes things stay in my head for so long that by the time I actually get down to do it they are over-thought and don’t seem all that exciting any more.

What to do? My couple of new year resolutions then I think are going somewhere along these lines. 1. Think of something new, previously un-made for every few weeks or perhaps every month and really plan this well in terms of what each step really consists of. 2. Keep working space clean, so that the next time  I have a bit of time I can get into things quickly (otherwise clearing up last times mess takes forever!) 3. Hand sewing projects (which in any case I love) to accompany the meaningless TV watching. 4.And, if present mood demands a quick gratification project, give into that demand rather than getting caught up in a situation where I spend a huge time feeling indecisive about whether to indulge in this small quick thing or to work on the larger project.

Which essentially means I want to have three things going on at one time:

  1. large (as I see new, and for that reason possibly a time consuming) project
  2. hand sewing something
  3. instant gratification project (as and when the mood strikes).

Somehow writing this down feels much better, and not so complicated.

And perhaps this skirt came out of such quick and unconscious acting upon that itch to stitch and make something fast. I have to say, love it as much as N does!


The pattern I had in mind is the Lazy Day’s Skirt from Oliver+S, which I have used before but which I admit to not consulting at all this time. It is essentially two rectangles stitched up. I added a separate hem facing at the bottom and encased the pompom ribbon between the two layers of fabric. The fabric is Lotta Jansdotter, but I am afraid I don’t remember what it is called anymore.

So that’s that from me for this last week. Oh yes, and I also finally sent out my Secret Valentine Exchange package. Did you get a chance to participate?


Putting it together didn’t come so easy this time, but that’s for another time.

So, how do you organise sewing, or motivate yourself when time and energy seem to be on a wane?







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It’s been a stormy few weeks with lots going on, so much so that I have no energy or time to sew.

I am trying to find some calm by reading and doing some mundane stuff like mending, and I thought I’d share with you what the to-be-repaired pile looks like.


Plus a teeny bit of hand sewing.


I will have more of the latter to show you soon…I hope.

In the meantime a hello from this part of the world. I hope you are all enjoying the beginning of Sunday or (in my part of the world) what’s left of it.


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Soon after I came to know that we were going to have a baby, I was delighted to find that Oliver+S was releasing lullaby layette pattern. This meant that I could begin making clothes for the new tiny baby with a pattern from my all time favourite pattern company. Of course, I couldn’t wait!


Well…it’s taken me a full six months to make my first little shirt-pant set, but now that I have made it I couldn’t be happier! With such fantastic instructions, you aren’t really surprised, right?


So, remember I said I have more of this fabric to show you in my last post? Well, the valentine’s day heart that went to this baby’s big sister was only a tiny part of the fabric that went into the making of baby M’s pants. N had insisted on a surprise gift that she could share with her brother, and aking a heart necklace for him seemed rather pointless–it would either find a way into his mouth, or dangerously around his neck, so I settled for making one pant and one heart out of it.

This is quilting weight fabric that I have held on to for six years (!!) and I think that’s waay to long. I am glad that finally it has been put to a good use. The 1/2 yard was not enough to make the pants so the waistband and single pocket come from M’s (senior) old shirt.


In fact the pocket comes from the original pocket, and there was only one on the original shirt. Result: one original pocket became one baby pocket. The top also comes from the same re-cycled shirt and I had just enough to make the long sleeved version.


As you can see we have quite a new outfit here. (Of course, the minute after I had put it on him, there was a biggish spot of drool right there). But he is a baby, and a cute one at that 🙂 so we shall let that one pass!

So now on to the details about the pattern. Since M is about to turn 7m old, I made a size 6-12m which is very roomy and easy to put on. In absence of snaps (which I don’t know where to find in Delhi, so if anyone does please let me know…) I used two buttons. In a hurry to get done with the shirt I did a pretty terrible job with the buttonholes. As you may notice I have avoided taking any photos of it 🙂

Pants: large enough to fit a cloth diaper on the bums, and long enough to last six months I think. The pocket(s) make it extra cute.

Shirt: I *love* the placket, and the little pleat it creates. I know baby shirts don’t have to be elegant, but somehow this placket and the little back pleat makes the shirt just that.



I am so very happy to have finally come around to making this little dress for the dear boy, and already a bit sorry that I missed making it in the 3-6m stage.

Which actually gets me to this thing that I have been mulling over for a while. The thing is that, I think when we had baby no. 2, somehow I was under the impression that it was going to be easy, and things would be just like they had been with N. Anyone could have told me that that is impossible. They are after all two different babies!

Sure, some things have been easy. For one I (and M, the father) are not washing every single toy that he drops on the floor. Often it just gets a quick wipe and is handed back right to him. Neither is every single whimper responded to. So, I am sure you get the general idea–yes, we, well really I am (since senior M is always this way) way more relaxed.

The thing though is that until very very recently I did not really think that M and N are all that different. Not carbon copies really, but well you know, kind of the same. And it would surprise me every time baby M did something very different than what N did as a baby.  And that is where this overhwleming feeling of drowning came in. M is a super energetic, loud, taking-time-with-falling-into-a-sleep schedule kind of a child. To be honest, a bit high maintainance. N was quiet, social, energetic, but not-all-over-the place kind of a baby. I am sure as they grow older things will change and more differences (and even similarities) will emerge. So I guess really the lesson for me at this point has been to not compare but give more space for difference. And as I come to appreciate this not-sameness, certainly at the very least notice it, I find that I can enjoy it more and feel less overwhelmed.

I know this might sound perfectly normal to people out there, but it has taken me a while to realise this. And its something that I need to keep in mind in a conscious kind of way most of the time. I am glad that I got back to being able to start writing–thank you very much for all the encouraging and sweet comments–and thereby sewing. Because the sewing helps me notice these differences even in myself, and in a good way. Six years ago, I could not sew a piece of clothing, now I can! That is something to appreciate, as a start.

So, this has been a longish post and I must stop and get back to life around here. But thank you for visiting and reading!



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start of a new year

Because I have all but disappeared from blog land, it is bit awkward to come back and suddenly pick up where I left off. Kind of like a good friend that you have been wanting to write to but somehow just not being able to.

Of course, all the usual reasons exist (baby, child, housework: overwhelmed….) but this time a few more added themselves to these few. Most importantly we moved houses again and more weeks that I would like to count have gone in the packing then the unpacking. Now we are all thoroughly sick of this activity.


This thing that  N made back in December actually is a good reminder of this time. She is totally over making these paper flowers, and when I told her that I was thinking of posting this on my blog she told me that she made much better things now, suggesting that this little light holder is ancient. Meaning last year.

So welcome 2015, it’s been a month since the new year has arrived!

Amidst the moving I finished a few left over projects, of which one was a very large long pending quilt.




It has been adorning N’s bed for the last whole month, and both she and I are delighted with it. DSC_0010DSC_0006


It’s my largest project to date, and I am glad of how all those little pieces found their place and came together eventually. The squares and the whole thing measures roughly 90″X60″. The back ended up being a bit frustrating requiring more pieces and cutting than what I had anticipated, but it has some of N’s favourite prints and more scraps so it makes me quite happy.


One of the nice things about this new house that it gets a lot more light than the old one, so I am looking forward to photographing more in her room (and thereby show you more of our lovely new house :-).


Besides the quilt there are few things here and there finished and not yet photographed, so I hope to show them soon. Sadly in this boy sewing has totally been ignored. In fact I am yet to make anything yet for baby M, but things are already on the cutting table for him. So amends will be made. In the meantime here is a photo of mister cutie.


I promise promise promise promise to be back soon!


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