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dsc_0163Hello again!

So, on our aforementioned trip N wore her new dress. I had finished making it a few days before with no particular intention of packing it for our trip. But as things go, she decided she wanted to take it, possibly because, well, it’s the newest thing in her cupboard and super comfortable.

And to think that I had almost abandoned this one half way!

The original plan was this: to have the bodice and skirt from the same print that you now see in the skirt. The bias binding was to be in shocking pink. Neither fabric, both straightforward jersey knit (or so I thought, still think) presented any particular problems because I had sewn enough t-shirts, and binding seemed like something I could do in my sleep. Well, the lesson learn here is never to be over confident. I am still not sure what I did to get the waviest neckline, and why I continued to proceed thinking somehow that everything would work itself out. It didn’t, of course. When the first neckline went bad, I should have stopped. But, instead, I cut off that neckline, bound it again (if you can believe it) and made her try it on, sans skirt and sleeves. I could see half her chest, and I think she was clearly wondering if this was somehow going to be a swimsuit of sorts. Or god only knows what. It is almost sad, I don’t have photos to show of this, because once I got over it, it was quite funny!

To continue the story, at that point it didn’t feel so entertaining. But, thankfully I decided to take a short break  and come back to it the next day. To start over, I realised I needed some new fabric for the bodice, and so what you see is the remainder of yoga pants that I had made earlier. I still had plenty of pink, but decided to stay away from that too, to not jinx this dress any further. So, the green binding comes from an old t-shirt of mine. The rest is what I had originally cut into from a lovely knit that I have had for several years now.dsc_0066 The dress, if I may say so is actually really simple. I have made one from the same pattern before (you would think I would have gotten it right, since I had no problems whatsoever the last time around). N had loved the last one, and I thought it would be fun to make it in a different print this time. I didn’t take a look at the instructions this time, but I remember that were very clear when I had taken a look for dress no. 1. It can be sewed up fairly quickly, if you do the binding carefully, and there is a fair bit of that. I made it in a size 7 based on her measurements, while adding 1″ to both the skirt and bodice.

I am happy to say both she and I are pretty happy with the fit. I think she likes the fact that the pockets meet, so it’s not two really separate pockets but one continuous one. (Does that make sense? Perhaps its clear from the photo below.) For me, it’s an elegant looking dress, which seems more complicated to sew than what it really is. Plus it’s in a knit fabric. The comfort level is hard to beat. dsc_0170

dsc_0178N wore it happily on the first day of our trip. And, I must say, I am so glad I did not send it to the to-do pile.  Knowing me, it would have sat there forever, and by the time I would have got to it she would have definitely outgrown it. dsc_0080



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brown knit 4 Lest you think that I am back to my frenetic ways, be assured that it is nothing of that sort. Besides we are all recovering from the poor kid falling sick first from a cold and now some stomach upset thing. There is some chance that baby M is allergic to cow’s milk (that I am drinking) and so I am off all dairy for a few weeks. Being a milk loving person and coming from a milk obsessed nation this is a bit traumatic, so I am currently obsessively scouring all other calcium rich foods ranging from seaweed to ragi/nachni (finger millet).

So, anyway. Having now told you what’s going on here, let me get to the point, which is this dress.

My first one in knit fabric. YAY! I finished it a few weeks ago. Of course, ‘finished’ is the operative word here, because I started it almost six weeks before it got done.knit dress 4

And now for some details. The fabric: my sister bought it for me in one of the shops from Nehru place, our local fabric market back in June. I am not sure what kind of knit it is, but its quite stable easy to sew and doesn’t have a whole lot of stretch. The constrast binding is recycled from a maternity tee shirt 🙂 The pattern is this one, and while I did not look at the instructions too closely other than how to attach the neck binding they looked pretty straight forward to me. brown knit 7

What I like about it is that it has no closures so its super easy to slip in and out of. Also its straight clean A-line look. What N loves are these pockets, that she just can’t get enough of. brown knit 3brown knit 2

In fact they are such a hit that she wants another dress just like this because of the pockets. I might just make another one with long sleeves which is what is featured on their site.

What I don’t like are the sleeves.brown knit 1

I think a slightly fitted look would have been nicer, but it is likely that this is not an issue with the pattern but N who has very thin arms. I made the dress in size 4 with the torso and skirt length extended by 1.5″ each. The rest of the dress fits well, but I am not sure how to just make the sleeves slimmer. Any thoughts?

Well, but all in all the dress is a success in N’s book, which also means that it’ll get good wear.knit dress 2

Here she is pretending to be a rabbit (or a mouse–I am not sure which). And here is a d-in-d (damsel in distress) look. brown knit 5

Not sure where we were going with that!

OK, that’s it from me! Time to sign off for now.



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