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a journey into past

Four months is long time even for me, the otherwise somewhat intermittent blogger, to be away from my blog. Except for my super short post sometime in February, I admit I almost gave up on blogging. Lured by Instagram, I considered making use of my account which I opened sometime ago, but then it seemed too complicated and I retreated. (I am sure in reality Instagramming–if there is a word like that–is actually quite fun, and I love looking at what other people make. But for now, I have no head space for figuring out how yet another social media platform works and so I gave up on that idea too. At least for the moment.). Interestingly, what this longer than planned break made me realise that while I do miss posting about my latest sewing, what I miss even more is the writing part. And so here I am, with some determination to give it another chance.

And so without further explanations here is some news of the past few months.

In early March, around the time of my birthday, my husband and I went on the much anticipated trip to Tokyo. It was short (only 5 days), and we didn’t do a whole lot, besides eating, walking, and meeting a few old friends, but it was tremendously soul nourishing and absolutely lovely. For one, my parents were very generous to come all the way to Delhi to take care of the kids, and it was the first time Mr. M and I were travelling anywhere sans children. And then, it felt like a homecoming of sorts. I hadn’t been back in close to a decade, and although of course I have been there many times before, this was the first trip where there was no agenda as such. All in all I came back feeling rested and nourished–not very different from what trip to a familiar and well loved place feels like, I suppose.

Here are a few favourite photos from the trip:DSC_0056A shop selling pickles outside Sendagi station  DSC_0043Aoyama cemeteryDSC_0021The ryokan where we stayed in HongoDSC_0004A bakery in KagurazakaIMG_20170305_093351009And finally, one of my all time favourite places in Tokyo–the Nezu Shrine. Most of the week had been bitingly cold, but the day we walked to the shrine, after meandering through the lanes around Tokyo University, was beautiful and sunny. We mostly sat in the sun for long and reminisced about all the earlier times I had been here.

Besides eating and walking we did some shopping too, and I myself bought a fair bit of fabric from Okadaya in Shinjuku. In my current life, which I cannot envision without sewing, it is, in retrospect, strange to think that before this trip I had never even entered a fabric shop in Japan! My interest in sewing is only about seven years old, and so initially I had no idea where to go. A quick Google search brought my attention to this blog, which was particularly useful.DSC_0062It’s all knits and double gauze, as you can probably tell, and not exactly inexpensive. Of course! Thankfully the cost, and the fact that we went to Nippori, the official “fabric town,” on the day when all shops were closed ensured that fabric shopping was limited. Still I love what I got; N oooh-ed and aah-ed over it after we got back and immediately put in a few requests.

That, in short, was our trip and the highlight of 2017! I can’t believe it’s already been two months since we went. I have sewn up a bunch of stuff in this time and will be back in a few days to show what I’ve been making.


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to palampur



flowers 1

mushrooms we ate

cloth art

shop in mj

flowers 2

Oh, it was a week of blissfully cool weather, breathtaking scenery, lovely food, and much needed quietness. But I think if I were to choose one thing that I enjoyed the most it would be the amazing bus rides which got us from one place to another.

I am so glad to have taken this trip and then come back home to M and N. N did not miss me much, as she told me of the phone (I did miss both of them though!), but then yesterday when I asked her what her best part of the day was, she said that “it was to not have to tell the best part of her day on the phone but tell it with me in front of her.”

I didn’t get any sewing done this week as you can imagine. But I saw something quite incredible–women around me, knitting all the time, that is, even when they were walking up those mountain paths! Talk about good use of time. I wish I had taken a picture of it!

However, right before I left I made a quick pair of pajama pants and top from this pattern. bedtime story pjs

pants kimonoIn size 3T,  for a sweet little boy with whom we stayed for a few days during our trip.The fabric, which is very light cotton, is locally purchased from Khadi Gram Udyog; the trim is from on old piece of cloth I had. The pattern is quite roomy I realised after I made it, and so might use it with extended length to make on for N as well.

Bye for now. Thanks for visiting, and have a lovely weekend.


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