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madhav 1I don’t have anything by way of KCW to show you, but we do have a brand new baby boy here.

Introducing baby M! Born exactly a week ago as of today, I have hardly had time or energy to think of anything else.

So just wanted to pop in and share this very good news with you. madhav 2

N is suddenly in her ‘big sister’ mode, a role which she has adapted to quite easily and very very happily.

(I love this picture of the two of them)

More soon.

Asmita xox


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Hello friends!

bib 5

I know I disappeared again without a word, but the last two weeks have been hectic! Well, first was the super short summer vacation to Pune, which I know I had mentioned nothing about but which was ten days of the last fifteen that I have been gone. M and N had a slightly longer vacation because they took the train (which takes about 25hours) and I flew, but more on that later…And then we got back to a very HOT Delhi, and are coping with ridiculously high temperatures and power cuts.

Seriously it is impossible to get much done, but let me not complain. Because there is long pending news….

Which is that I am pregnant and we are expecting our second child by early August! I have really no good reason why I have not be able to write this here before. Because I have tried and wanted to many times, but somehow everytime I tried, I didn’t know how tell….We don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl (because in India it is not possible to know before hand legally), but M and I are both curious this time…far more than when I was before N was born (and when I could have found out!).

But of course, N is sure it is a boy because that is what she wants most of the times! She is very excited, most of the time I should say. Because well, you know for an almost six year old who is now relatively well ensconced in her single existence with her parents this can mean a lot of new experiences…. not all of them so happy. So when she suggested that I make something for the baby (as I made things for her), I got started in Pune. I did a little bit of embroidery not sure in the beginning where it would go…but by the end I knew that a bib out of this would be perfect.

bib 4

It’s the first thing for the yet to be born baby. And perhaps because I was not even sewing when I was pregnant the first time around, it feels a little strange to be making things for this yet-to-be-born child. bib 3

But so, yes, THAT is the news. And a small reason why I took the flight and not the train. And also why we are all in Delhi in this weather, because after a point it’ll be hard to do much travelling.

The pattern comes from this lovely book, and the embroidery from here. I love both these books; the Embroidery Companion has many many beautiful projects and while they had a bib pattern to go with this pattern, I though I big bib would be nicer. bib 1

As you can see, I did underestimate the amount of fabric it would need and so it needed a bit additional fabric. bib 2

Here is N modelling it on her favourite teddy.

So that’s all from me today. What have you been up to? I am trying to do a bit of sewing but this increasing girth and the heat make it difficult. Still, someone’s birthday is not too far away, so we need a dress very very soon.

Thanks for visiting!

Asmita xox

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