Here is my next KCW offering! I have had this frock on my want-to-make list for the longest time. I loved this pattern when it came out and have ooh-ed and aah-ed the several excellent versions of it in the Oliver+S flickr pool.

Finally I got down to making my version of it this week.


I’ve pretty much followed the pattern to a T. The pattern came with excellent instructions and it was a breeze to make. The instructions for the pockets are super clear and they turn out exactly what I had imagined them to be.

My only tiny addition is embellishing the yoke with small embroidered circles.


I made it in size 5T with length extend by 2″. It’s already on the shorter side, I can tell, but given the general loose fit I wouldn’t add more because with N’s very narrow shoulders it wouldn’t look good.

The fabric comes from one of my favourite shops in Pune “Banjara” and is a very light cotton perfect for summer. The yoke fabric is a Japanese one from which I made pants for N many moons ago. I am sorry  I can no longer find a good photo of those. N even barely remembers them herself.


The buttons are lovely wooden ones that I got in Bangalore on Commercial street a while ago.


All in all, N has her first summer dress.


Her favourite feature is the pockets and the buttons. And I have to admit I love the back of this dress as much as I like the front.


So that’s it from me. As you can see, still pretty far from the “wild things” theme, but I am enjoying every bit of this week’s work. I have still a tiny bit of sewing that I plan to do today and tomorrow. If I manage that it’s going to be a very productive kcw for me!


I had almost let another kids clothes week challenge pass me by, but then at the last minute I decided to buckle down and get an hour of sewing done on Monday night.

And here is sewing from day 1. DSC_0008

A quick pair of baby pants from a pattern that I had recently had a chance to use. I made them in the same size as before (6-12 M). They are roomy but not too large, accommodate a cloth diaper really well, and all in all very comfortable.

Here’s a few more baby photos: DSC_0100 DSC_0049

As you can see the boy loves them (or so I assume :-). The main fabric is from a Melody Miller line that I have had for ages.The orange one is scraps and the the reason why there is only one pocket is because that’s all the fabric I had left.

They are made exactly according to instructions except that I folded a lot at the bottom (almost 2″) Perhaps he is shorter than babies in this age range? –I have no idea.

Day 2 was the following: DSC_0009

Yes, another pair of pants made with exactly the same pattern. But this time with two pockets :-) DSC_0002

I love love love this fabric even more that the first one. It is what I had left over after making the library dress for N a while ago, and the cotton is the softest possible, with a beautiful weave of red and purple. DSC_0010

My apologies for no photos of baby M in this pair. I finished it as the light was fading and the boy was getting cranky. Photos were impossible, especially since considering how long the first “photo shoot” took!

But, I am actually glad I took the plunge! And while my sewing is clearly not in line with the KCW theme “wild things” this time, I can guarantee that the boy is definitely moving around like a monkey.

I will leave you with one last shot (my favourite), while I get back to some more sewing. DSC_0005

Happy sewing! Asmita

Day 1


I made this a good three weeks ago, when N out of the blue demanded that she have new clothes to wear on the first day of school. She rarely makes these kind of requests, usually they are for a particular kind of a pattern, mostly for a specific colour. But this time for some reason a new set of clothes was needed on the first day of the new school year and that too in green.

I was happy to oblige and made this over the short break in the first week of April.


The pants come from the book titled Girly Style Wardrobe. It’s simple enough and requires only two, well three pattern pieces if you include the pocket. I have already made it a couple of time before, and so I knew the fit would be comfortable. For fun and a little bit of change I added buttons at the bottom instead of ribbon like this one, or elastic like this pair. The fabric here is khadi, from our local Khadi Gramudyog in Connaught Place. It’s super comfortable because it only gets softer with each wash and perfect for summer.


The little blouse is another repeat. The pattern is class picnic blouse from Oliver+S. I made it in size 5T which I had already traced out last year. For this making, I  extended the length by 2″ while keeping the sleeve length the same.

And just for fun, I did the facing with the same green as of the pants and added a piping to make it more into a matching outfit.


You can’t really see the the green facing here, but it looks quite lovely. I have had this fabric for ages and N loves it for all its little “holes.” Keeps her cool in increasingly warm weather, just as it is meant to :-)

Here is a photo of her wearing the blouse…


And well…all for my making a blouse and pants that match. She finally went to school that day wearing something entirely different the day.

So I have no photos of her in this pants (which she did wear the following day, and loves it as it keeps out the mosquitoes of which there are too many). But here is another one of her in this same shirt.


Despite all the current upheavals, of which I cannot talk as yet, I am glad that I could find the time to make this simple pair of matching blouse and pants and also share it with you. So while my “mind is elsewhere” as N puts it, there is comfort to be had in making repeats, and this has been a very relaxing bit of sewing. Plus, she likes it, I like it and it was nice to make the first day of school special.


I have been away for long, too long really, and as always it’s nice to be back here. How are you dear friends? I hope you are gearing up for the next kids clothes week challenge. I haven’t entirely made up mind yet, but I hope I can make at least a little something. What about you?



It’s been a stormy few weeks with lots going on, so much so that I have no energy or time to sew.

I am trying to find some calm by reading and doing some mundane stuff like mending, and I thought I’d share with you what the to-be-repaired pile looks like.


Plus a teeny bit of hand sewing.


I will have more of the latter to show you soon…I hope.

In the meantime a hello from this part of the world. I hope you are all enjoying the beginning of Sunday or (in my part of the world) what’s left of it.


hand made


I know, I know…You are thinking…another top? What’s with that?

Well, hear me out, as  the story of this one is pretty exciting.

A few weeks ago, I think I mentioned that we were going on a trip. Our destination was Jaipur, and while the weekend was a rainy one with hardly much chance to explore we did visit the Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing. It’s a fantastic little place which documents the textile hand printing tradition in the area using predominantly hand carved blocks. And the best part of the visit was that N got to print her own fabric….



Presenting to you, a little shirt I made with fabric entirely hand printed by Ms. N.



Given my last experience and because this fabric was entirely hers I wanted to make sure we choose a pattern that she liked. The fabric was just enough to make a top and she chose the 2+2 blouse pattern by Oliver+S. I have made this top twice before and love both the skirt and top. Luckily this time around, she didn’t want the gathers on the front, nor the ties, and so with this excellent tutorial by Cindy I could do away with both and in its place have a facing.


N wasn’t too keen on back buttons either, but I wasn’t sure if the forward slit would be large enough to fit through her head (it does), so I decided to keep the back as it is in the original pattern. I have had these buttons forever, and I thing they compliment the pink of the facing quite nicely.


I am happy that I can put this one down as a hundred percent success! For once everything came together well, and N was delighted to be able to wear it to her school picnic yesterday.


March turns out to be not an easy month for one reason or the other, but I am coming around to think that this may have something to do with the fact that it is my birthday month.

You see, it starts out full of resolutions (the list is long and detailed) but then a week later, I am too exhausted keeping up with this new me. This year, the list came down from ten to two pretty quickly, so I am almost back to being the old-me but not quite.

Of what I did keep, one was to bake a birthday cake!

I bake often, usually uncomplicated stuff. This time I wanted to try something special (put it down to a birthday resolution of course!) and so here we have…


a carrot cake (simple) with cream cheese frosting (for the first time). N decorated it with silver sprinkles, adding just a touch of festive, and we had it last night and some more today. The recipe comes from here which is one of my all time favourite food blogs, and in my experience you can follow her recipes blindfoldedly. The cake and frosting are predictably yummy, but this time around the a-ha moment came while making the cream cheese. To my delight the thing turned out to be incredibly yummy. If you are in a pinch, or like me find cream cheese to be prohibitively expensive where you live, try it. It’s not the ‘real’ thing (what is real anyway??) but good enough for me and my cake.

Anyhow, so, now with cake out of the way, I want to talk about sewing for a bit.

My last success with pintucks made me want to make a few more, and so N got another top.


Sadly, the results this time leave something to be desired. Mostly my overconfidence with the pintucks got in the way, combined with the fact that I was making something from a fabric that I was not feeling particularly excited about.


Plus, for whatever reason it makes her look like she is slouching.


I am now trying to figure out how else I might have done it, because I followed exactly the instructions that came from this pattern book, and I would swear by it. I love this book so! Is it just the uneven gathering of elastic at the back? And what’s with the uneven front and back? I checked my measurements again–they were fine, and so I am still wondering.


What I don’t like much, the child is loving, and despite the intermittently rainy and somewhat chilly weather that we have had in during last week she has worn it more than a few times. In fact in the photos above, you can see even threads hanging from the hem that she refused to let me cut. :-)


The other top I made I like, but the reaction has been far from ‘loving.’ I knew my fabric choice wouldn’t produce an ecstatic response but I had hoped the little frill at the end of sleeve would. And the fact that I lined the frill at the end with a bit of pink.


Well, no such luck.

N is a kind of child who will never refuse anything I make absolutely (okay, maybe except this and this over which I had slaved). She is more of the ‘let me gradually divert my mother’s attention so that she forgets what she was suggesting in the first place.’ So this little top is definitely heading in that category. And there goes my nani iro which I love.

As a saving grace, she does like the pattern. It comes from the same book as the one above, and with excellent pictures was not difficult to make. I love the style, and post detailed consultations might attempt another one in the near future.



It is good to know one’s mind I suppose, and I should be listening more to what she wants to wear anyway!


P.S. On a (food) related note, I realised right now as I am writing that the cake I really wanted to make was not the one pictured above (!) but this!! Same blog, different recipe with an addition of apple cider (I substituted with one stewed apple). Check it out if you have carrot cravings.

P.P.S. And on an unrelated note. This made me feel like I was flying.

SVE 2015 1

When I participated in SVE last year, I had so much fun that I decided then and there that should these two super talented women Sanae and Ute do it again this year there was no way I would want to miss it.

Unfortunately that’s exactly what happened. Well, almost. In that whole feeling-overhwelmed situation I found myself to be in, I was late to the party, and by the time I wrote to Sanae and Ute, everyone had been already assigned. But then I got lucky–there was another latecomer like me, and Dolores and I participated in the not-so-secret SVE.


I couldn’t be more glad that I got a chance to do it! Look at the goodies.


There is the most lovely case to keep all my sewing supplies when I am travelling (and we are travelling very soon, so I am excited to be able to carry this), and the beautifully made Merchant & Mills needles. Then there is a sweet little key chain (with a sleeping baby :-) and…


…the lovely book she produces herself with fun patterns, things for kids to do and lots more…. If you haven’t already, it’s time to visit her blog (and her shop) which you should check out.

And not only did I get presents, but Dolores was very sweet to send stuff for N and M too…a baby book for things to sew from for M (I really can’t make excuses anymore…) and a lovely little clip for Ms. N


It’s origami, it’s pink, it’s a butterfly. I think Dolores knew exactly what would make us happy :-), and it is so gorgeously made.

And last but not the least is another beautiful butterfly made from special Austrian fabric, and some iron-on patches that I can’t wait to use on knits.


Thank you Dolores for such lovely thoughtful gifts and the letter that accompanied them. I am so charmed by it, and they will be cherished.


So, did you participate in SVE, dear friends? If you didn’t I hope you do next year, because if I am not wrong this is now an annual thing. And Sanae and Ute, by way of SVE, have got something really special going on. All these gifts criss-crossing the world through postal networks- it reminds me a little bit of women’s international networks in late 18th and early 19th century.

I’ll show you soon what I sent to Dolores, but that’s all for me from today. I hope you get a chance to visit her blog, and also check out the flickr pool for the many gorgeous gifts that made a part of this memorable exchange.



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